Tuesday, June 15, 2010


this vintage record case from the 1970 looks a bit like a  a vintage Emilio Pucci
I have been looking for some vintage summer dresses  but no luck.

this week
I like 50danska Kvadrat
green sunglasses
blue flowers for my  garden
chai latte
Thai food
Mister Kay likes Jan Rot
Little monster likes her new barbie

have a good week


gardenmama said...

I always appreciate reading what you are enjoying each week, there is always something great on there!

Kaylovesvintage said...

Thanks Nicole

Helmi said...

Ja, echt seventies printje. Wat is een 'platenkoffer', hoor ik de kids zeggen!
grt. Helmi

Laura said...


Rachel Kay said...

oh I love that case! Gorgeous!

joanie said...

I think little monster must need some vintage Barbie clothes to go with new Barbie !

Unknown said...

I also like football this week...and a bit of icecream...

Emma@50 danska kvadrat said...

Thank you :)Have a great day!!

crash pad designs said...

That's great. I am a huge Pucci fan.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pucci. x

Daan said...

I like (well i LOVE) what mr K. Likes ;-)