Tuesday, June 22, 2010

vintage glasses

 1950's  cats eye glasses( tortoise plastic), I also got some green ones

- I like 60piggies
and I want the new  cd  from 2raumwohnung

Hope you are doing well, I"m still  fighting my second summer cold.


jane said...

i loooove them! feel better soon!

nath said...

oh, blee, it's no fun is it? i have hay fever, which is kind of like a cold but it's been going on forever.

i am picking up my vintage frames on saturday with my prescription lenses in them! i am so excited! and love yours, can we see them on? please?

Francesca said...

Hope you feel better, summer is no fun time to be sick! I look awful in those frames, only the harry potter style suit me unfortunately.

Kate Moore said...

OOOh, love them. Have fun with them. I get so much pleasure from mine. They're so much fun.
Hope you knock the cold over soon.

Fine Little Day said...

Lovely :)

Rhea Butler said...

I am fighting my third summer cold!

Aren't they the worst?

But right now I am in bed with the internet, popcorn and ginger ale so it can't be that bad, right?



*Marie* said...

Huhu Kay!!!!
Post aus Holland.....natürlich freu ich mich da:) habe auch wieder Mags für dich gesammelt. allerliebste Grüsse *Marie*

likeschocolate said...

My mom use to wear glasses like this! Makes me happy thinking about it!

april said...

hope your cold is better now. hope your cold is gone away. and oh yes sunglasses. i've to find glasses for this summer.