Tuesday, September 13, 2011

dinner plates

Mister Kay's fav dinner plate is made by Egersund -Norway.
It's a shame that we don't have any more information on the plate,
 but I guess is from the 50's.

My fav plate is from the Picknick range  by Rorstrand - Sweden.
It was designed by Marianne Westmann in  the 50's.

In Berlin we bought some Picknick fabric from Scandinavian Objects. Maybe I should ask my friend Zoe to make me some Picknick pillows when I'm in the UK in October.

My sunday morning read: Schorlemaedchen.



Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

My favorit is the first plate!

Saskia said...

Love Rorstrand! But I only have one cup & saucer, from the Mia-range that is.

Merle said...

love both, my fav is rorstrand!

Arctic Mum said...

Love those, you know Egersund is one of the oldest manufacturers in Norway (not existing anymore I think) Found some Figgjo plates recently, will blog them. Would love to send you, but worry they will break.

Laura said...

I like the second one, it's really nice!

Herr Janosch said...

Guess what? Got the perfect print today - jippie!!!
Thank you so much - it is adorable!

Valloittava valkoinen said...

So lovely plates and i also like that beautiful wood that shows under the plates!

And your pottery is so beautiful in the previous blogging!

Have great day!

Iris Vank said...

That Rorstrand-plate looks fab: I've never seen that particular picknick-decor, I've only seen the ones with the different vegetables. Great find!

Anonymous said...

Nice plates, I like both!

Anonymous said...

oh my you are such a treasure finder :)
thanks so much, your comment made me smile ..

gracia said...

What a handsome pair those plates make.