Wednesday, September 7, 2011

september issue


Yesterday we had our first taste of autumn, our first storm.
I love to be at home on rainy days,
should get some more candles.
My friend Mette sent me some beautiful green wool.
wool, rain, candles, mags... cozy!
enjoy your week


Anonymous said...

i like rainy day as well, but not too much. :)

april said...

i'm in love with rainy days, drinking sweet chai and listening to good music. how is your yoga doing? hope you still enjoy it. autumn is almost here. feels a bit melancholic but also very cozy, you'r right. happy day*

Merle said...

I love rainy and stormy nights!
and the green of your wool, too!

Anonymous said...

Das sieht so gemütlich aus, ich freue mich auf den Herbst! Genieße die Zeit bei Kerzenschein :-). Viele liebe Grüße

Merle said...

next time, i'm in amsterdam, you will get the acapulco pots! :) i'll keep my eyes open for more acapulco!
hope to be there in october or november....
PS I have something for you from waechtersbach! :)

Good night!

Mette said...

I like Autumn. Today it has been hot here, too hot. I'm longing for crispy September days.

H is for Home (Adelle) said...

Great minds! I bought a bottle of Chanel Peridot today - I um-ed & ah-ed about getting it for at least a week. I'll be trying it out tomorrow!