Thursday, September 29, 2011

midmodern clock

On Tuesday I was lucky to find this midmodern clock in a small shop in Leiden. Mister Kay found another 50's Hala lamp... so we had a good day.

Just finished watching Grey's Anatomy, so what should I watch next? Tell me whats your  fav TV Series. Guess I should have a look at Just about every TV Show.

see you soon

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kati said...

Your clock is very pretty.
I like Desperate housewives!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay,
My favorite at the moment is ; 'Lie to me' very nice to watch!

Packet of Seeds said...

I LOVE that unique

shurupchik said...

oh..i really like that clock!!

Anonymous said...

Oh die Uhr ist schön! Genau wie Kati, bin ich seit der ersten Stunde ein Fan von "Desperate Housewives" und was mich absolut gefesselt hat war "Lost". Liebe Grüße :-)

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Nice yellow - not so "quitschie" :-)!

My boyfriend and me are "criminalists" - we love CSI New York and Miami :-)!


Emily said...

I watch so many shows, but my true favorite is the Office.
That never gets old.
My second, which I recommend must be Modern Family.
And who doesn't watch Glee?