Sunday, September 18, 2011


After 3 years of hard work, finally on Monday the 19th of September the new book Operation Alphabet of
my friend Luc aka the Ilustrista will go on sale in the UK. I just ordered my copy.

well done Luc, it looks amazing!

Photo: Mister kay and I planning a second trip to Brussels to visit the rest of the cartoon murals.


shayndel said...

Wonderful photo!
Congratulations to your friend, HI, and happy travels through your days!

Luc said...

Thanks a lot, Kay :)

Lovely photo

Anna Emilia said...

It looks such a nice place. Bon voyage to Brussels!

Happy autumn!

Ritva said...

great photo!
good luck with your planning, hope to see more photos then :)

Sea Angels said...

How fabulous, and those murals are so good, what a nice place to visit xxx
Hugs Lynn xxx

search engine placement said...

Awesome photo and those murals are so good,I would like to visit this place, love you your blog.