Sunday, October 21, 2012

end of the season

Our garden looks so pretty in the moment but it is time to bring the garden furniture in and start planting our flower bulbs.

I will tell you more about our trip to the UK. We brought back a few vintage items and I also got my first Christmas gift. (I know, a bit early.)

see you  soon

PS: Got the new CD from The Killers


anknel and burblets said...

It is so pretty at the moment isn't it.

Unknown said...

Your Garden looks so bautiful. I love October!

Miss Herzfrisch said...

What a lovely place.

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Garden-Time is over ... but only for sitting them ... not to have many looks in :-)!

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo of a lovely place!

simone . frankfurt am main said...

oh . I love this moment in your garden . :)