Friday, October 26, 2012

this week

If I had a car I would get some carlashes.

The weather is changing and I'm eating more cookies
Just love the Radio tin from Marks & Spencers

Hi Everybody, hope you are all well.

Yesterday I saw Argo at  the Filmfestival in Leiden. Everybody should see that movie. Really good

We are having a lazy weekend. Perfect after a busy week.

take care,


ALoadofOldTat said...

What a great tin.

Duse Pasteller said...

Love that radio!
Happy weekend!:)

sean the prawn said...

I often see faces when I look at cars. I think they all need eyelashes.

found and sewn said...

love that tin! have a relaxed weekend

Stephanie said...

Happy lazy weekend, too...

Paula lives, laughs and loves said...

the eyelashes on the car are so great.