Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh Marie

Oh Marie is a Dutch/English online magazine full of vintage and styling.

They started the travelling vintage item, a small thrifted item passing from one blogger to the next blogging about it. I got the item from Ingrid last Sunday at the market and my idea is to send it in the morning to the lovely Inge from By INCK.

It is a little vintage tile with a dutch girl waving to a ship. I really like it. A bit kitsch but still very nice, it does look good in my home.

see you

PS: Nila really loves Jammin by Bob Marley, she is really in to Reggae.


Aina said...

I love Kitch sometimes, most of the time means nice memories or a lost happy style!
Ciao aina

Heidi said...

Like your art, especially the one with the little fox.
Cary and I love raggae too. Tell Nila she will have to come to Jamaica with us, raggae all the time.
Enjoy your weekend.

INGE© said...

i look forward...:)

Kaylovesvintage said...

@ Heidi

I want to go to Jamaica

it should be with you in the morning

anja said...