Friday, October 5, 2012

Mister Kay

Mister Kay had a lucky day going vintage hunting alone. He came home with:
  • Plia folding chair designed for Castelli, Italy in 1967
  • Flamingo bowl from Stavangerflint
  • Koyo Transistor radio made in Japan
  • Teak Wood Tray Made in Sweden
  • 50's world globe
  • Two Villeroy & Boch teapots

... and a pastel blue bowl which is not on the photos.
For me the Plia is the best find of the day.

Happy Hunting,

Ps: my feel good movie Tangled (Rapunzel)


Merle said...

oh! my favourite is stavangerflint flamingo! nice finds mister kay!

Mariël said...

This is great. I wish my 'Mister' would do this!

Nalle said...

I like those world globes, too (have 2). I also fell in love those demijohn bottles you posted in summer and have found two little ones from Etsy.

Workingberlinmum said...

Loving the brown teapot, very cute.

Steph said...

The chair is really great I thinks it fits almost everywhere.

katysclutter said...

flamingo for me too x

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

mister kay hat glückliche hände! dar ich ihn ausleihen?

Madelief said...

Hi Kay,

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! I like mr Kay's finds.


Arctic Mum said...

Great finds! Fun to see the Stavangerflint bowl:)

Iris Vank said...

Nice finds! Hope you have a great England-trip. :)