Tuesday, February 5, 2013

from Apple tape...

Here are some of the products I really liked yesterday at the trade show:

- apple tape
Jurianne Matter wish boats (love the new colors)
pretty bunting made by Ingrid
- ceramic origami crane from Fairtrade
- mug with stars from Liebe
- soft, scunchable Amsterdam map for kids

see you


Mi Joya said...

I love that apple tape!! I saw it in a webshop but the postrates are making it a bit expensive.. Hopefully i will bump into in in a shop!!

ibb said...

That ceramic origami is incredible!
Lovely collection!

Een dotje wat said...

Great designs! I love the crane!! Have a nice day.

Nalle said...

Ceramic origami - it even sounds perfect!

Nalle said...

...to Apple phone?

Kaylovesvintage said...


looks more like the new Nokia

Merle said...

I like the ceramic origami crane!