Saturday, February 23, 2013

we are back

We are back... just needed a little break
A week full of sleep, music and cake.
Sleep: I have been very tired the last couple of weeks, so it was wonderful not to get up every morning at 6:30.
Cake: Lot's of cake.It was my birthday. Mister Kay, my friend and  my neighbour where all bringing me cake.
Music: All week nonstop.
Hope you are all well.
see you,
PS: my friend  Karen Boatwright  is so talented.
She made a little movie


jurianne said...

Kay, congratulations with your birthday (18th? ;-)!! It's good that you took a break, sometimes you just have to surrender to what your body dictates...X Jurianne

jane said...

happy birthday kay!
sending you warm hugs!

tove said...

Breaks like that are pure therapy, a great way to celebrate too. Congrats!! What a cute cup, love the colors and pattern!

karen said...

Your are a darling Kay. Thanks for your ever generous praise and promotion...I hope the lovely Red Nose Day Dolls project I am in raises pots of money for Comic Relief!!!
I am very tired too.. A strange little winter bug. So rest, cake and music sounds very good to me x

karen said...

...that cat picture is so funny :0)

henderikas said...

Happy birthday to you.Your week sounds very nice.

Nalle said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday week! Missed your pictures.

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Kay! It sounds like it was a good one ! xx

Kaylovesvintage said...

@ Jurianne

very close,at the 20.02
@ all

@ tove
the cup is from Iittala

you need a website my dear
missed you also

ibb said...

Happy birthday dear Kay! It looks you enjoyed a lot...just not having to get up at 6.30 is a great gift!