Friday, February 8, 2013

full of love

After a week full of love, good talks, happiness, rain, coffee, cake, yoga and travelling I'm looking forward to have a nice quite family weekend.
This Friday was a lucky one for me.
I won a 'Paradise is now' cushion from Philuko.
I really admire Julia's work and I'm sure the cushion will fit perfect in our home. 
see you
PS: Did I tell you I had a great coffee moment with by INCK? She  has a wonderful home.


wood & wool stool said...

very nice pic and have a good weekend Kay!

la casita said...

Have a nice weekend Kay x

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

I had a look at "Inck": wonderful home!

Wish you a very nice weekand, with silence and fun,

Nalle said...

Lucky you! Have a nice weekend, too.

INCK said...

Thanks for your support Kay! It was a nice coffee moment.
Have a good weekend!