Wednesday, December 21, 2011

gift wrapping

Some of my friends are really good at gift wrapping.
I promised myself next year I will pay some more time
with brown paper and wild ribbons.

My neighbours daughter had such a beautifully presented gift!!
Look at it, so cool & pretty 

-my Christmas song today  

- Sandra from Herzensart sent  me one of her


Ps; last minutes  gift made by Rie Elise Larsen


Merle said...

hahah, wow, that's cool, even if I hate horses ;)

ARK said...


Just wanted to let you know a photo of yours has been featured lately on Houzz as part of the "Creating Nests" series! Congrats!

2ne said...

Great :-) How fun idèe to do - it is realy clever. Have a great Christmastime.

The Franglaise said...

Ditto! I have also decided that next year my wrapping will be more creative. Have seen some great ideas around here lately - it's inspiring. Oh, and I promise myself that I will start Xmas shopping in November. (though i say that each year and fail, every. single.time)


soisses-dasleben said...

meine liebe - ich wünsch dir nochmal eine wunderschöne weihnacht!!! habe gerade deinen hübschen stern aufgehängt...

deine dani