Friday, December 16, 2011

Red Hood

-this weekend  I should catch up with some reading  
( feel like getting lost in a good book) 
-make some gifts for Nilas teachers
- still have to bake some  mince pies 
( looking for a good receipe , not to sweet)
- take some photos of my Christmas tree 
- watch a good movie with Mister Kay 
- get some mulled  wine

-this week -
-I spent most of my money in the post office
- did get the christmas cd  from  Trijntje Oosterhuis
( I buy a Christmas cd every year)

- the postman delivering some Christmas parcels ,
was the highlight of our week  

enjoy your weekend


Ps: I wonder if Mister Kay can make this  


Merle said...

love the photo! and the paperchristmastree looks awesome!


Seems like you have a spouse that can make paper decorations and origami for you, how great! I tried to cut some paper snowflakes last week, but it went wrong and I lost my patience. I do better with other DIY, some anyway :-)

Thanks for the visit, now you reminded me of your blog. Will put it in my Bloglovin-list...

debbie bailey said...

I love her red Converse All Stars! An updated Red Riding Hood. Cute!

Aria said...

I love Christmas Cds!
Nice blog!

helen said...

Very interesting drawing!

mano said...

great wall painting! the christmas tree looks wonderful, but I think it's difficult to make!?

Pfefferminza said...

Love that picture! =)