Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jul & Christmas time

a very cute & modern Christmas elf made by
my friend Mette

vintage Christmas tin, now I just have to bake some
Christmas cookies

vintage "Festivo'' candle stick from 1966 by
Timo Sarpaneva. You can still get them

lots of strong & happy colors for Christmas this year

On Friday I will get my Christmas tree, so today I started to get
some of my Winter & Christmas decoration out, see photos

- this week-

- I ate Nila's chocolates (I know, lol)

- I got my first Christmas gift,

- the best thing I got in months
my Zebra slippers from Collegien

- guess I will get this book for my mum

so pretty & white

- and I love Catlin Shearer's work

( welcome home , you made me smile )

see you soon


Karen said...

Love the cute elf and your happy Christmas colors!

Herr Janosch said...

Love the tin!

Anonymous said...

Ich mag all die schönen Vintage Schätze!

isoinpapu said...

When i was a tiny, small child in 70´, those festivo candle sticks were everywhere! Often placed on top of the tv-set (!).
Juts seeing them brought vivid memories from childhood. Wow...

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

a vintage dream. i like them all!

Isabelle said...

I just had a look to the Chanel fashion show ... amazing !!! ( I am still not ready with your Xmas parcel, I will need few more days !!)

Doríssima said...

The x-mas elf it´s really adorable. Love it!. Have a nice weekend ;).

Heidi said...

Cute little elf! It looks like you are ready for Christmas, Kay! Happy weekend to you!

Caitlin Shearer said...