Tuesday, December 20, 2011

oh tannenbaum

Here we go: My Tannenbaum (just love that word).

A couple of years ago I started to collect
little birds aka Christmas ornaments.
My idea was to have one day
a Christmas tree full of birds and elfs (for Nila).
It will take some time but I tell you we are getting there.

The next couple of days are just mad,
full of Christmas parties,
food shopping,
swapping Christmas cards
and some last minute baking.

What will you do this Christmas???

see you

ps:  I was very sad to hear that Cesaria  Evora, a wonderful musican, passed away.


Karen said...

I love your "tannenbaum" and the idea of collecting birds over the years. Christmas is such a time of memories too isn't it - I remember my artist grandmother's tree was filled with colorful birds - so different from any other trees I had ever seen. Your tree looks lovely! Happy holidays :) K.

Herr Janosch said...

What a lovely Tannenbaum! And I love the idea of a tree completly decorated with birds.

Nalle said...

Your 'joulukuusi' with birds is so beautiful. My sister always decorates our tree at my parents house.

Mi Joya said...

My best friend & me have been searching & collecting the right vintage presents again so we'll have a massive presents evening!! Can't wait :)

I like your birds in the christmastree!
Enjoy these wonderful days!

Merle said...

I'm a Weihnachtsmuffel ;) but your Tannenbaum is wonderful :)

philuko said...

Pretty!!!! I love your home, I love your Tannenbaum! Liebe Grüße.


Sad to hear about Cesaria Evora, she was a lovely artist.

Your tree looks so cute, I like the elf (?) in the top :-)

wideeyedtree said...

Your tree and home is beautiful! Enjoy your christmas! I will go to my hometown to celebrate with my family :)

Mette said...

This Christmas we will stay home on Christmas eve. My mother and Kristian will come. Claus and I are so exited and looking forward to making Christmas dinner together. Love your tannenbaum! I will look for more birds for your tree next Christmas. I did sent you one last year....!? I'm happy and not at all stressed. I have even bought your birthday gift. Say Merry Christmas to mr. Kay and Nila. love, Mette.

Suzy et son lapin said...

Very pretty!

Have a nice and peaceful christmas.

studio meez said...

I'm off to celebrate Chirstmas with my parents. Lot's of presents and good food!

joanie said...

Just beautiful! I love your tree so much. I will have to remember your bird and elf theme.

Unknown said...

The best collections are the ones that take time-they hold the memories and stories for you to keep. Your tree is lovelier every passing year.

Merry Christmas to you and Nila and Mr. Kay and all the kitties!