Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LOVE is in the air

Getting ready to go to the UK by the end of the week.
Will be nice to see friends and family .

I need some new books for my holiday.
At the moment there is only one book on my list
Tell me what you are reading?

enjoy the rest of Valentine's day

- wonderful finnish blog Maijja
- I should start watching New Girl (looks really good)


Unknown said...

god I love your home... x

vigdis said...

*hi again! i lost your blogadress for a while, and i`ve really missed visiting your blog! but now you are back on my blogroll, so i will keep coming back* vigdis

Frau Pabst said...

found your blog just the other day, your homestyle is sooo cute, love it!

Merle said...

have fun in the uk!
i love new girl, it's great :)
hope to get the dvd soon, so i can watch it in english.

Anonymous said...

i´m reading: i was told there´d be cake by sloane crosely. really fun to read. enjoy your time in the UK!

karibombari likes: said...

David sedaris, the english books are really good. And fun chicklitbook the yogastudio esp. If u like yoga. New girl is pretty but cld be better... Have fun in uk! U going to london?

makey vicky said...

I am really loving Pure by Andrew Miller. So vivid and compelling. Brings to mind Zola. And when I've finished that I'm looking forward to Spitalfields Life; a kind of blog book of goings on in the East End of London.

Anonymous said...

Mal wieder ein wunderschöner Einblick in Euer tolles Zuhause! Viel Spaß am Wochenende - genieß es!

En støvel og en sko said...

Hi Kay,
I'm finally getting 'round to reading 'The Help'. I started reading 'A suitable boy' after Christmas, as I remember all my uni friends were reading it about 20 years ago, but couldn't get into it so I had to try something else.
Enjoy the UK - god I miss that place...
Love, S.

Fleur de Boheme said...

Is that your home? I love! Have a nice trip to the UK!

Bye Kirsten

Kaylovesvintage said...

yes is our living room

Daan said...

Have fun!
This vacantion i'll be working on a surprise for you
and i'll be reading haruki murakami

Kaylovesvintage said...


good timing ,is my birthday next week

nanalu-living said...

great blog, great home! new girl is fantastic, lol!!
My last book was "die einsamkeit der primzahlen", p.giardino?!
very sensitiv book(can i call a book sensitiv? in german i mean èinfühlsam`!) bye nana