Friday, February 10, 2012

weekend plans

This winter I spent a lot of time outdoors. If you do,
make sure you have some waterproof boots
and a warm jacket (I learned from last winter, lol).

A new project for this weekend. I got some more paint yesterday

My favorite healthy  winter snack
rice cracker with  cream cheese and kiwi.

 see you soon

PS: Eartha is my flickr  friend but she also has a nice blog.


elbmari said...

Oh yes... such a wonderful sunny winter :-)) I also need gloves, woolen socks and thick face cream. Have a wonderful weekend :-)

soisses-dasleben said...

tja, ich bin wohl nicht so schlau wie du. ich habe heute soooo gefroren!!!

ich liebe das "a" - es ist sooo groß :) toll.

gruß ausm bitterkalten deutschland.


Unknown said...

It's really beautiful weather! Let's hope the sun will keep us company this weekend.
Have a great weekend!
I spotted the same tin I have, the round one with the red lid. *made me smile* :)

mano said...

grüne kiwi auf herrlich grünem teller: LOVE! ebenso cupboard und "a". ich mache morgen einen langen ostseespaziergang in dk. warm eingemummelt!
have a nice weekend!