Monday, February 6, 2012

snow... snow and snackcercise

a photo from my garden...

Mister Kay was so sweet to bring some flowers home
and my neighbour brought me some cupcakes.

At the moment I really have to be strong to switch off my laptop. Trying to read a bit more.
The new Queen book is waiting for me and some magazines.

see you

PS : I want to go to the  Hobbs House Bakery (their bread looks so good, we drive miles for good bread). Wondering if I should buy the book , does anybody have it yet? Here is more about Tom & Henry.

- some Snackcercise with Miss Piggy
- our sunday music Juliette Greco


Herr Janosch said...

Love the flowers!

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

Eisiger Garten, wie schön!
Schönen Montag, Éva

Nalle said...

So you have a real winter, too.
Now it's time to read & knit.
Spring and gardening will come, believe me.

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Wonderful husband, nice neighbour!

Wish you a happy week,

Anonymous said...

Das ist aber lieb von Mr. Kay und Deiner Nachbarin. Dein Garten sieht wunderschön aus! Im Sommer und Winter! Ja, die Garderobe ist aus den 70ern.

Wibke said...

Hi Kay,
if you ever want to do a photoshoot in a vintage trailer... you are always welcome!
Oh, and I'm flirting with the Queen book, too!

mano said...

I love the white muscari and the cup cake looks so good! you have a nice neighbour and a sweet mr. kay!

Mie fra Mies Mirakler said...

I am giving away 3 bags like the one you liked, you can join if you want to be in the lottery :) you comment counts as a lottery ticket :) *♥*

versponnenes said...

I like your style & pictures!

Greetings from