Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's day

I wonder what I should get Mister Kay for Valentine's day this year???

Last Year I got him a  Love print  from Helen Dardik and the year before a stick. Nice are the hearts from my friend Amy. Any ideas??

see you

PS: our movie tonight Crazy Stupid Love.


Eartha Kitsch said...

Great gifts so far! I wish I had some ideas but we always skip gifts on Valentine's Day due to "too much pressure". :)

Merle said...

sorry, i don't like that day ;) but i'm sure you'll find something great!

Svenja said...

what about nice photos from you that say i love you :) like here

i always love to do such things.
have a look at my blog as well if you want


Theresa said...

I always like to make something by hand :)

Tracy Glover said...

Hi there, just introducing myself. I am your swap partner for Lissy Lou¨s Easter swap. Your blog looks lovely. xxx

Unknown said...

Yes the you should really try that tea, its soo good:) And the box is beautiful!

Have a nice day!
-Ellen Louise-

Anonymous said...

i love that print, i have the same one hanging in my bedroom

nohalito said...

nice print! good idea for a birthdaypresent as well.

Anonymous said...

I got my husband a book he had mentioned, an old classic economics book. Usually, though, I have no clue! I think most men like food, though. ;-) (The stick is cute!)