Friday, February 3, 2012

my week

this week

- I started knitting
- I did eat too many sweets (again)
- totally in love with my little vintage Saturn Radio
- burned lots of candles
- really like Madonnas hair, lol
- I'm addicted to Korean Citrus tea

In a way the word tea is kind of misleading, as there is no tea in it.
Looks a bit like jam. 

How was your week?
see you

PS: love the voice of  Brownie Dutch


Blaze said...

Sounds like a lovely week! Knitting with sweets and tea! The perfect combination! :)

Svenja said...

haha sounds good! i love your radio too, looks cool ;)
my week was really stressful, but i bought a new lamp, you can see it on my page, have a look :)


Birgit | taulu ja tapetti said...

Me its going now too much works, even it´s friday evening. Please, sweets and COFFEE?
I like that still life. Your green knitting!

Merle said...

love the radio!!! very nice

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Love your green candle! My week was a little boring ... TV and books and magazins and sitting or laying. But now it goes better :-)!

Wish you a happy weekend,

likeschocolate said...

loving the picture of Madonna!

Jan said...

the tea is really delicious, friends of me are fans of korean culture so i taste it there ... i love it! i'm so sorry that we didn't met at the bloggermeeting in cologne :/ have a great week, jan

Anonymous said...

You are right that it is more jam like as the 1st two chinese characters reading from left to right reads Honey (Feng1 Mi4 in chinese hanyu pinyin pronunciation) while the 3rd and 4th characters read of a type of citrus (You4 Zi3).