Sunday, July 4, 2010


 breakfast in the garden....... my fav time of the day

my summer must have
- PizBuin Sunband

my summer fruit

I really love
my Reebok easytone

my fav summer read
Real Simple magazine

summer music ( to keep me happy)
Scissor Sisters

blog of the week
An Apple a Day

   I wish you  a  happy 4 of July ,enjoy you weekend


Lovely World said...

This all sounds good to me! Enjoy.

Rhea Butler said...

Oh, KAY!!!

I want to move to the Netherlands and then we can listen to Scissor Sisters and read Real Simple together!

AND... I love pineapples!



Unknown said...

Love all those summer outside breakfasts!
How does the reebook work? Here hardly have arrived and they are quite difficult to find..I walk a lot so I could become a topmodel...hahaha.

read me... said...

An Apple A day looks great... thanks for sharing!!