Friday, July 23, 2010

from Ikea to vintage

Nila got a cute bed from Ikea ( see photos)

  Mister Kay was lucky to find  her a vintage
Cleopatra bed from the 50's ...
guess now we have to give her bedroom a new look, lol 

I'm working on a new  policy for  the house,
not easy, but it's working with my clothes.
With chairs and ceramic it's more difficult but I guess we could sell some at the car-boot sale...

tell me,  how you do it ,keep your house neat??

-this week-

- I did try to make my mums russian pancakes, they did  look good but the taste was not perfect  yet.

- Wishing  Mallika from  quickindiancooking was my friend  and would teach me how to make curry.

- Going for a  family drive , turning on the radio and singing alone.
 Tell me, do you sing alone with the  radio in the car??

- Got some great snail mail
enjoy your weekend

and my giveaway winner is sean the prawn
(send me a mail with your address)


Lovely World said...

Pretty pillow. And how do I keep my house clean? It is a continual process. I like your rule one in one out. I have not done that, but it might be helpful! At one time I had someone come in and clean once a week. That motivated me to pick everything up and put it away before the cleaner got here. But, that can be expensive to do.

Cate said...

cool bed. my home is often messy (so many projects going on with both the big and the little people around here) but never dirty. we clean up as we go along, and it is quite exhausting.

happy weekend, kay!

Arctic Mum said...

I have One thing in, one thing out too. Today I got a casserolle at the local op shop. Result: A pair of old jeans in the bin.

sean the prawn said...

WooooHooo!!! I'm a winner... Yay... thanks so much:-)
you blog is truely one of my favourites, I check in everyday.
I'll email my address.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to clean each room--one per week--as if I were going to move. I used to move frequently but haven't for many years. So I am just pretending. Scary thing is, last time I did this, I ended up moving 2000 miles. 8(

I am also planning to attempt to inventory what I have. So I am trying to get rid of stuff so there is less to inventory and insure. Salvation Army likes my plan quite well!

Another thing I do is tell myself that space is a thing. If I get rid of stuff, I don't have nothing, I have more space.

Stories about hoarders really upset me, but if I didn't do anything it wouldn't take long for stuff to pile up to the ceiling!

Also, it's an act of faith to let things go. I try to believe that if I really need it again, God will provide it. And in the meantime, maybe someone else can get some good use out of it.

Long answer, hope you don't mind! I enjoy your blog, would like to learn more about life in the Netherlands.

soisses-dasleben said...

wow, the bed is fantastic! i love it - i`ve never seen it...

"one out, one in" is an fantastic idea, that doesn`t work for me ;-) you can call it "one out, 100 in".

Emma said...

We do the same thing - one in, one out. And I also find that it's easier with clothes than it is with ceramics and other bits and bobs! I don't mind having lots of things about though - if it's fairly in order, it's usually a sign of a happy home in my opinion. Emma :)