Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Oase chair by Wim Rietveld

Mister Kay just finished his latest project, restoration of the lounge chair "Oase" designed by Wim Rietveld for "De Cirkel" (Amsterdam) in 1958. Wim Rietveld was the son of the famous Gerrit Rietveld and he was a famous designer as well.

 -Bodie and Fou makes me happy


Unknown said...

Great job!
I am not sure about my Amsterdam visit, will decide in a couple of weeks...and will say.

Randiga Tråden said...

I love the chair!

MoonDoggie said...

Nice one.
Love how your Eames bird seems to be surveying all - very regal.

sean the prawn said...

A message for Mr Kay.... A very nice restoration... Chair is looking good.