Saturday, July 31, 2010

highlights of the week

Mister Kay's best find of the week, a stool by Dirk  van Sliedrecht  for Rohe, made in the fifties ( I wanted one for a long time)

We replaced the dark shells with fresh summer colors. Also changed the dowel bases for h-bases. I like the change!

A little lucky rabbit made of chinese newspaper. It is made by a flowershop in Bussum called VERGEET-ME-NIET.

lots of color & vintage ,you can find here Huset ved Bekken


basiclabelSweden said...

Wat een geluk, zo gezellig bij jouw thuis! En de foto's van het strand: genieten.


Helmi said...

Wat een mooi krukje. Mijn ouders hadden hun eerste huisje helemaal in die stijl ingericht. Ik moet eens naar foto's gaan zoeken en op mijn blog zetten. Fijn weekend.
grt. Helmi

Masami, Miho, Naomi said...

i love this rabbit serious!!! very cute and original!


where are you live in??

Kaylovesvintage said...

@ Miho

in the Netherlands

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

what a beautiful stool! and lovely rabbit.

so, you're cloing to dk soon, send me and email ( you're here. maybe we can meet for coffee if you're in copenhagen one day :)

isabelle said...

I love your house!!!

april said...

you are really thingfinders. lucky ones. and funny funny rabbit. happy sunday*

Meyer-Lavigne said...

You can find our work in Stilleben, Urban Living and Royal Copenhagen on the second floor. Everything in Copenhagen. Have a great holiday in Tisvilde. If you have'nt been there before, you really have something to look forward too, there are so beautiful.

soisses-dasleben said...

sweet rabbit! and the new stool is amazing - i have never seen it before.

Mettes Mad m.m. said...

Very nice with the colors on the dining chairs, lamp and table:)

Kardemomme said...

Hi there :))Thank you for your comments on my blog. The blankets are all found on different fleamarkets here in Norway. Many people wants this blankets nowadays so they can be hard to find but I started to collect before they got so popular..
I like your blog. We also have one shell chair. But just one..Want more of them of course :))
Have a nice sunday :))

Cate said...

wow. lucky girl all around. drooling over the stool... what a find!

Lilla huset på prärien said...

Really liked the stool! :)


Tracy Lorna Nors said...

love the stool kay!
Love Amsterdam, would love to have an apartment there, one day.

Emma said...

that stool is fantastic - what a find! thanks for dropping by my blog the other day. i'm happy you visited!