Friday, July 30, 2010

local beach

 I love the late  afternoon sunlight at the beach.
Beach food  here would be fish ,  salat, chips and summer beer
I can sit there for hours , daydreaming and watching people. 
enjoy your weekend

So has anyone see Toy Storie 3 yet? ( I really want to see it)


Jolanda said...

Lovely, i was atthe beach yesterday. The weather was better than we thought. But there were just a few peolple. It was great!
Summer greetings

sunny said...

I saw toy story 3. twice.
was near tears both times but loved the movie!

Daan said...

jajaja you have to see Toy Story 3!!! It's great!!

Fijn weekend!!

Heidi said...

I love walking on the beach, your pics are gorgeous, happy weekend to you!

Line said...

gorgeous shots!!!