Monday, July 19, 2010

summer in Amsterdam

I get lots of mail from readers ,which are coming 
 to Amsterdam this summer.

 So here some ideas, what I would do
in Amsterdam.

(just remember, it's easy and pleasent to walk or cycle in the center)

A. stop for some coffee at the Museumsplein (to watch people)
B. try some indonesian food
C. have a walk in the Jordaan (there is the vintage market on Mondays and a great food market on Saturdays)
D.  take a boat trip around the city (nice to see the city from the water)  
E. Staalstraat (guess my fav neigbourhood, lot's of nice little shops)
F.if you like Museums... try the bag (tassen) museum
G. have a day trip to Haarlem 
H. I like the Albert Cuyp market , if you are looking for fabric and some bargins, that's the place to come to
I. have a walk in the Vondelpark  and coffee at cafe Vertigo & the Filmmuseum
J. the botanic garden ( for all my garden friends)

and what will you take home from Amsterdam ???
cheese, blue&white fabric, a T-shirt, some dutch  summer music, cookies ( we have wonderful cookies) and liquorice

 have fun and enjoy,...send me a mail if  you need help and tell me about you time in Amsterdam



Unknown said...

Thinking about it...but in september...will write. If I decide.

Kaylovesvintage said...

love to meet you!

MUS said...

oh you forgot: visit Papabubble ;)

Nicola said...

Lovely image!

Verrassend Goed! said...

Klinkt goed, Kay.
Amsterdam is altijd leuk om te bezoeken.

warme groet,

kristina - no penny for them said...

great tips!

sadly, i will not make it to amsterdam in the near future, but will come back to your ideas when i do!

rosemary said...

Do you have a nice place to stay to recommand in the Jordaaan ?

Lavender Playground said...

This is a fab list, I've been to Amsterdam quite a few times as a child, but we mostly stuck with tour groups. I will keep this list in mind if I ever get the opportunity to go again in the future!

Merle said...

I was there from Sunday to Wednesday and it was great!!! Love the Noordermarkt at Monday!
I like the Negen Straatjes, too and Nic&Nic at the Gasthuismolensteeg!
Lovely City, I'll be back next year!!!

Anonymous said...

Any comments about the Rijksmuseum? I was thinking of going when I visit from the USA sometime in the next 10 months.